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The Artisan Victor - The Artist on Hollywood Boulevard with Diana Ross Art and Olivia Newton John Art

Raised in beautiful Southern California, I have spent most of my professional career involved in designing,drawing and fabricating projects of all types. My interest in architectural design and how things are made…my over active imagination constantly forming and viewing images in my mind...my desire to skillfully do things with my hands to produce something tangible…these things drive me to create beauty in a variety of different ways and with different mediums.

These interests eventually led to a career as an entrepreneur, designing, drafting and building projects for a select clientele. Little did I know that this would eventually become the nucleus for my artwork. In my late twenties I learned, quite by mistake, that I had the ability to draw. The truth is, I have never had an art class or studied art of any kind. I really had no sincere interest in art up to that point in my life. I actually had no idea what I was doing other than I was motivated to do it. So, my drafting table became an easel and I began drawing faces with pencil, only faces of friends and family.

After completing several drawings, I needed something more challenging. I needed something where I couldn’t simply erase a mistake. So, I picked up an ink Repidograph pen and began using dots to draw portraits. This was fascinating to me and I really enjoyed looking at the finished product. Eventually, I learned that I was using a kind of pointillism or stippling technique to create my art. And with each new piece I would complete, my work became more involved and more detailed.

I also needed more recognizable faces to draw to confirm to myself and to others that I had a talent for this. I started drawing celebrities for this very reason. After all, if you draw a picture of Marilyn Monroe or Sting and it isn’t right, everyone knows it. With portraitures there is no mediocrity, either you are good at it or you are not. I hope you feel I have done a good job in capturing the essence of these celebrities and enjoy looking at the images I create as much as I have enjoyed creating them.





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